PhD Admission: PhD Admission Opportunity In Charles University, Prague

The Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology, Charles University, Prague, opens two PhD positions in our Metamorphic Petrology and Structural Geo

PhD Admission
PhD Admission: Two PhD positions in Metamorphic Petrology and Structural Geology

The Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology, Charles University, Prague, opens two PhD positions in our Metamorphic Petrology and Structural Geology groups. The first PhD in the field of metamorphic petrology is focused on understanding the Lithium fractionation during metamorphism in continental subduction. The second PhD in the field of structural geology is focused on evaluation of various deformation structures in relation to slope instabilities.

Both positions are available for four years starting from October 2024. The deadline for application is 31st March 2024, with possible deadline extension to 15th of April.

Who can apply

The motivated and independent candidates with MSc degree in the broad field of geosciences. The degree must be obtained before starting the job, i.e. applications can be submitted even if the degree has not yet been obtained. The candidate should demonstrate an experience with metamorphic petrology and/or structural geology.

How to apply

For further inquiries about the positions please contact

To apply please use the above email address to send your professional CV and contacts to two reference persons.

PhD 1 on Lithium cycle in subduction

Lithium concentrations and isotopic compositions in rocks are used for characterization of the protolith or indication of metasomatic and devolatilization processes. The knowledge of Li behaviour in metamorphic rocks is limited, especially the Li partitioning between coexisting minerals with respect to metamorphic reactions and PT conditions.

The aim of the PhD project is to study a set of rocks covering various types of lithologies along continuous metamorphic path up to ultra-high-pressure conditions in a continental subduction. The project tasks include characterization of metamorphic evolution and identification of coexisting minerals along the subduction PT path, determination of whole rock element and isotopic composition, and in-situ analysis of Li contents in coexisting minerals and Li isotopic compositions in gamet. Important part of the project is a development of analytical procedure for in-situ Li isotope analysis of garnet including the reference material preparation. The principal supervisors of this project will be Martin Racek and Petr Jeřábek.

PhD 2 on structural inheritance in landslides

Globally, landslides cause significant losses and pose considerable hazards to property, infrastructure, and inhabitants in many regions. For these reasons, landslides are subjected to interdisciplinary research covering different aspects such as mapping, formation conditions, statistical risk analysis, monitoring, as well as stabilization, and prevention. Management of landslide-prone areas requires an understanding of the causes and processes that lead to landslides. Therefore, conditioning factors such as elevation, slope, lithology, inherited structures, soil type, rainfall, hydrology, and land use are often considered important. This PhD project aims to evaluate geological structures that are generally believed to control the localization of landslides, but commonly are one of the least investigated factors. These are mostly planar structures such as foliations, shear zones, faults, and joints or deformation-induced changes in a rock mass quality. The Ph.D. candidate will perform a detailed multi-scale investigation of deformation structures in two selected regions along the Krušné hory fault zone, Czech Republic, and develop an integrated dataset for testing various machine-learning algorithms to evaluate the importance of individual geological factors. The principal supervisors of this project will be Ondrej Lexa and Petr Jeřábek.